Macarons All Day Everyday

I usually leave Sunday to just staying home and doing nothing, P.J. and bare face day. My day to relax before Monday starts, but this past Sunday felt like an exception so off to MOA (Mall of America).

I had macarons on my mind the whole week and that was my quest for the day. To find myself some macarons! I’ve been in love with macarons since one of my niece, Becky introduced me to them a few years back . I’m a bit of a sweet tooth and since she refuses to make some just so I can devour them I’ve always wanted to buy myself some yummy macarons.

I saw on Facebook that there was a little shop located in MOA in the RAAS (Retail As A Service) Local Market, which has 18 little shop with their own taste in goodies and merchandise and it didn’t take long before I was able to find it.

There are over a dozen flavors to pick from and there’s different flavor everyday, therefore you won’t be getting the same one all the time. So many choices and lets not forget how adorable the place is. I swoon for cute little shop like this. I bought a dozen with four different flavors.
*Passion Fruit Mango
*Matcha Green Tea
*Strawberry Cheesecake
*Dragon Fruit Lychee

If I only knew that they had macaron ice cream I would have gotten a few too. It wasn’t until today that I found out there was some macaron ice cream waiting for me and I just walked away.

About 4 hours walking around in Mall of America and my feet were killing me. Actually my feet were already starting to hurt within the first hour but I made it with many rest stops and some complaining. I really don’t know about any of you mommy out there but after giving birth to my baby I feel like my body has given up on me. I can’t even keep up with my mom and she’s 74 years old.

I may not look exhausted here but I’m screaming on the onside with agony and just wanted to roll from where I’m sitting to the car. Plus the bootie was not helping. I walked around the mall not just searching for macarons but for empty seats and mind you this was a Sunday and the mall was pretty packed. About every seat and chairs were taken by tired shoppers and I had to squeezed into this one just to rest my feet for a while. Is this a sign that I’m officially old? Maybe…

The weekend went by a little too fast and now its onto the weekdays. On to reality, such as work and a sick baby. At least I have my macarons to fill me with happiness throughout the week. That is if it last the whole week.

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