Spring into Simple and Clean

If you live here in Minnesota, you know what spring is like. We welcomed our first day of spring with snow this year and as of now there are still some snow on the ground. You would think that first day of spring would be like in cartoons where birds are chipping, flowers are sprouting from the ground and there’s a big bright yellow sun in the sky. No, it was the opposite but that’s not stopping any Minnsotan from staying away from getting ready for lighter clothing. 45 degrees here and it’s consider warm with people in shorts and t-shirts.

I decided to start out with something basic and simple. While I was on my macaroon quest, I also picked out a few shirts for spring wear.

Nobody can go wrong with the basic black and white. I know what you’re thinking, “but it’s spring, where’s the color and floral.” I wouldn’t call myself a basic woman, in fact I think I’m quite high maintience but when it comes to fashion I like to keep it easy and simple. Especially now that I have a baby who never really gives me enough time to match a outfit together. I would say ever since I gave birth my fashion sense has change quite a bite.

The classic black and white strips shirt that I grabbed from Nordstrom Rack, $21.97. I’m a fan of strips, especially black and white ones but what I love about this shirt is the knot in front. I think it makes the shirt very playful, and strips always remind me of French fashion.

The plain white tee. I never understand why my husband has so many white t-shirts but lately I find myself buying more and more plain white t-shirt. I mean nothing can go wrong with a white t-shirt, it can be paired up or down with anything. It was on sale for $3.99 from Forever21 and I thought I needed another one.

And with the last peplum shirt, I feel like I’m going back to my old roots of vintage and lace. A couple years ago I was in love with everything vintage (still am). The front of the shirt and neckline remind me of the Edwardian era. It screams soft, feminine and romantic with this shirt. Another bargain, $19.99 from one of my favorite store, Marshall. (I wore this one already and didn’t get a chance to iron it.)

I’m just waiting for warmer weather and sunnier days till I can wear short sleeves and maybe find more cute shirts to wear. I’m so over winter right now.

❤ Kelly May

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