Weekend at Parallel

Happy Monday everyone. Well, here we are again pondering whatever happened to the weekend. Where did it go? Why is it only two days? Wouldn’t we all love it if the weekends were 3 days, but then we would want it to be 4 days because 3 days would be too short. Nothing is ever enough, right?

As I stated in the first blog post, I’m trying to be more productive this year. Get out more, explore different places if not in the Twin Cities then outside of the city and have more stories to tell when ask how my weekend or day went.

Saturday morning was kind to me. My baby slept in till 9, which also let me slept in till 9. My husband headed out to a friend’s house for some traditional ceromony, and my baby and I headed out to my mom. From there, my niece and I will GPS our way to Parallel in Minneapolis.

Is it weird if I say that one of the reason I wanted to come to this cafe is the marble top. I mean the “mermaid” tiles are cool too, but look at that marble. I wanted the marble tables that were next to the floor to ceiling window but everyone was sitting at those so I had to settled for a regular black top table.

I had the avocado toast while my niece had the omelette, and we both decided to go ahead with some espresso. This was our first time having espresso and it was very bitter. My niece had to run up to the counter to order a glass of orange juice and a cup of cocoa. We also had some pancakes and those were delish! Fluffy and oh so yummy. I’ve never had pancake like these before. I might just head back there for the pancakes.

Dreaming about these heavenly fluffy pancakes right now and drooling as I’m typing this. I remember when I was pregnant, I didn’t have a lot of cravings like how all those stories I’ve heard about pregnancy craving. Pancake was one of the two things that I craved most of the morning while I was at work. The other thing was chicken wings from, Buffalo Wild Wings.

Good bye, Parallel. Until next time. Your food was delicious and your place was very specious and beautiful.

Location: 145 Holden Street North, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Weekday: 6:30 am – 7:00 pm

Weekend: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

❤ KM

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