5 Newborn Must Have

Before I had my baby I would buy my friends pretty and cute little outfits for their newborns. Little outfits with lace and ruffles, tons of buttons and not very convenient, but I didn’t know. I just thought that that baby is going to look adorable in that outfit that was going to take the mother forever just to put it on the baby and then off the baby once they need a diaper change. Yup, every baby I knew I bought a thing or two that was probably just going to be store away because let’s face who really have time to dress up their newborn.

When I found out I was pregnant I was more than excited to start doing some shopping for my baby, but at that time my best friend told me to wait after the baby shower to buy whatever I wanted. Majority of the items I will probably get at the baby shower, therefore I waited after the baby shower to buy whatever that I still needed for the baby.

Everybody has their own list of must have for their newborns and everybody’s list is different. Obviously some of the major must have are car seat, stroller, and crib so I’m not going to put that on my list. Anyone having a baby, I assume would know to get these necessities already.

My baby is about 14 months now and when he was a newborn there were some items I depended on, some items I still use now. Here are MY newborn must have.

Receiving Blankets

Funny thing is, after my baby shower we all realized that everyone bought me bassinet, stroller, baby clothes, etc etc, except receiving blankets. My mom and I headed to Joann and bought some nursery fabrics and turned them into receiving blankets, which I think is much more affordable. Plus there are tons of cute patterns and designs to choose from. My baby loved being swaddle, so they were used quite often.

White Noise

There are a variety of white noise machine and babies tend to fall asleep faster with the aide of white noise in the background. My baby and I didn’t have a white noise machine, instead we have a SwaddleMe Mommies Melodies Lamb Lullaby Soother and Sound Machine. There are some buttons on the back and there are a few lullabies and white noise to pick from and it plays for about 30 minutes. There is also a “cry activator” but we don’t use that since it just plays a random lullaby and my baby usually falls asleep to “Rock a Bye Baby.”

There are other white noise machine that uses the electric cord and plays white noise until you turn it off. They’re a little more expensive and one of the white noise machine I’ve seen other Mommies use is the Dohm.

Onesies with Zipper

And like I mention in the beginning, it wasn’t until I actually gave birth and have to deal with sleep deprivation that I realized the importance and need of onesie. Not just any onesies, but onesies with zippers because the onesies with buttons can take forever and sometimes you miss a few. They were a life saver for my husband and I. Waking up in the middle of the night was a little easier thanks to them.

Aveeno Baby Products

I grew up watching my sisters and sister-in-laws using Johnson and Johnson’s baby product, such as shampoo, baby wash and lotion. I carried that over on to my baby but his baby skin didn’t seem to like them. His skin was developing eczema and his doctor suggested for us to try a different brand and we have been swearing by Aveeno ever since he was just a few months old. We use the body wash, lotion and eczema therapy cream.

Burp Cloth

We received a few burp cloth and our favorite were the Gerber 3pack Knit Burp Cloth. They were the perfect size, not too thick or not too thin. They’re perfect for spit out and doesn’t use a lot of space in the diaper bag. I don’t remember who gave them to us but we’ve used them everyday and washed them daily. I know we should get new ones but we don’t really need a whole new pack. We still keep one out to wipe his boogers and drools.
If you don’t want to buy actual “burp cloth” and you have other smaller pieces of cloth or fabric around that will do. As long as it’s soft enough for your baby’s skin. But definitely something for spit out is the best.

So here you have it. Onesies with zipper are all mommy and daddy’s hero!


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