5 Newborn Must Have

Before I had my baby I would buy my friends pretty and cute little outfits for their newborns. Little outfits with lace and ruffles, tons of buttons and not very convenient, but I didn’t know. I just thought that that baby is going to look adorable in that outfit that was going to take the… Read More 5 Newborn Must Have


Weekend at Parallel

Happy Monday everyone. Well, here we are again pondering whatever happened to the weekend. Where did it go? Why is it only two days? Wouldn’t we all love it if the weekends were 3 days, but then we would want it to be 4 days because 3 days would be too short. Nothing is ever… Read More Weekend at Parallel


2018 Reading List

This year I’m not just making blogging one of my goals. I’m going to add reading on to the list of 2018 goals and I’m going to start out with the simple goal of three books. Yes, just three. I don’t want to start too high or too low, plus last year I didn’t get… Read More 2018 Reading List


Fancy Porridge

About a year ago, around this time… I was on my 12 weeks maternity leave, still on my chicken diet (we’ll get into that later) and that left me with a lot of time to be at home doing a lot of pondering. I realized that just within that one year period of getting married,… Read More Fancy Porridge